Stress Management 101

Our body needs stress in order to remain motivated and keep the spirit high. It is a body mechanism originally developed to cope with difficult and life threatening situations or the so called “fight or flight.” But just life everything else, our body could only take so much. Our body could only take a certain amount of stress that they deplete when facing constant state of difficult circumstances.

  • Greet the sun with a bath

Imagine bathing while listening to a calm music, a scented candle lit, you’re alone relaxing and your mind wandering. Some of us might not have the time to do this but if we could, we should. There’s nothing more satisfying than to freshen up after a long night’s sleep. It frees you from the worries of yesterday and marks a new start. When you freshen up, you are more positive and more alive to face the day.  So greet the sun with a smile and a bath!

  • Get a hobby

Divert your attention. Choose a hobby you enjoy. Creating something out of passion is always rewarding. Paint or draw a portrait or a landscape and hang them in your room, in the washroom or anywhere where you can see them often. That way, you will be reminded that you are not just good for paying the bills, you can do something creative, or if not, you can at least gauge yourself on how much you need to improve.

  • Find your safe haven

Finding your safe haven is a little bit more than staying inside your comfort zone. In finding your safe haven, choose a place that will bring you peace and positivity, a place where your soul can connect to. It is important that you go to a certain place like this once in a while, especially when we are experiencing too much stress in life. This will help us pause for a while and replenish our overall being to be ready to face life as it is.

It’s fair to say that stress is a part of life. Either be consumed by it or learn how to deal with it. Be wise enough to choose how you handle stress and it’s an obvious choice to learn how to deal with it because your attitude towards stress has a huge impact in your life. Be consumed by it and live a miserable and toxic life. Learn how to deal with it and you’ll be able to understand life as it is and live life to the fullest.

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